So many people think if they can’t go to the gym, they can’t get themselves in good shape, and achieve their desired body. This most definitely is not the case, if you can move, you can burn off body fat, add muscle, be healthy, and look & feel how you wanna feel. Gym, house, your backyard, just get outside, move, and you can make the big changes you & your body deserve!!



THE T-KID FULL BODY BLAST! Give this a try at home or in the gym. Chose a safe weight that you can perform all exercises with good technique. Take 2 two minutes rest between laps….speaking of do 3/4 laps for beginners, and when you are ready to go advanced and feel like upping your game drop your rest period between laps to 1 minute, and pop either 5/6 laps…..HAVE FUN & BRING THE BURN!!


Announced on to stage by Pamela Ballantine

“Ulster Tatlers former cover model, known as Ni’s Transformation Specialist is proud to be the sponsor of best Beauty Salon at this years awards. The Transformation KID brand has been globally distributing Online Transformation Guides since 2013, and has helped nearly 8000 people to reach their physical goals to date. The Transformation KID Guide system it is a cost effective, healthy, sustainable method of getting the body you always wanted”


Pure buzzin to be the first ever Brand Ambassador for Studio 16!💁‍♀‍💉❤️

To me tattoos are more than just ink, they’re a story of who you are, and can depict/add some serious beauty to your body. They are part of a lifestyle, and nowadays are ever growing in their popularity due to a more open minded society. They are cool, fashionable, fun, interesting, and add meaning to milestones in people’s lives…so being an ambassador for something I’m so passionate about is an honour.

Anyone looking to get their first tattoo, or that just wants to add some more ink to their collection, then look no further as Studio 16 is the place to visit. Owner James has created a great, comfortable atmosphere, especially for those who are wanting their first tattoo. The Studio looks amazing, and has a very cool vibe about it that just makes you do at home. Studio 16 isn’t just about tattoos either it’s about lifestyle, and caters for much more. This includes makeup, nails, and clothes (more of which is coming soon).

Here’s to Studio 16 a brand that’s making an impact on the lives of many, and is here to stay…keep your eyes open, because this team of cool KIDS is on the up!💃🕺❤️🌏🔝