1. How did you get into the industry of personal training, is it something you always wanted to do?

Believe it or not it actually wasn’t at the forefront of my mind in terms of a career choice. I was always infatuated by the human physiology, and nutrition, but it was more of a passion/hobby. I actually just left school to follow my father into his career as a joiner, as this was what the men of my family did. Only If it wasn’t for the recession kicking in 8 years ago I might still be doing a job I wasn’t really that happy doing. But the recession did occur, it did force me to adapt, to choose another career path. The decision was easy, as I’d be getting people into shape for years using my knowledge of nutrition, and exercise. Family, friends, friends of friends, for free. So now I thought why not do the thing I love most as a career, and 8 years on I’m here now do one of the most rewarding jobs I can think of.

  1. What makes your approach to personal training unique?

Well for a start if you were to follow me on Instagram (@transformationkid) you’d see that my approach is slightly aimed at keeping my clients laughing, their moral high, and their muscles sore….and before they know it, the training sessions are over in the blink of an eye. But I also need to make sure people are knowledgeable in why they are doing things, and how they affect their body, as I find people tend to work better when they understand the ins & outs of something. Obviously to get the amazing results my clients achieve with all their hard work, I do have to make sure the science side of it is covered (meaning individually tailored nutrition, and training). But the other big thing for me is that any persons mindset is in the right place. Once I have my clients in the right place mentally, then they can achieve anything they want, physically or otherwise (this includes inside & outside the gym). Because to me being strong physically, can, and should have a great positive impact on all aspects of a persons life if implemented correctly.

  1. Do you get many Brides and grooms approaching you for training for getting in shape for their big day?

Yes of course I get many enquires for the BIG DAY, and train many couples together for this most prestigious of occasions. I’ll also get the lady and her and her bridesmaids coming together to begin my transformation program (everyone wants that A-list sheen for the main event I suppose). And not just to get in shape for the wedding, but to get in shape for the HEN PARTY as well. Likewise the same for the groom, and his bachelor party. I suppose it’s understandable as people want to look great in those pictures on the big day, and to feel comfortable/confident in them too. Especially the bride & groom with all them eyes on them as they walk down the isle right!

  1. What is your advise to couples who want to look and feel their best for their wedding?

Well that’s simple….come to me lol All jokes aside though, my advice is simple. Eat clean, drink plenty of water, exercise, and just look after your appearance. Dress to suit your body shape, make sure you wear something you’re comfortable, and confident in, and then that’s one less thing to stress about on an already stressful day.

  1. How far in advance should a client approach you if they want to lose weight/tone up for their big day?

This all depends on many factors. How much weight do you need to lose, what’s your goals, and believe it or not what the person is wanting to wear on their wedding day. As all these variants will dictate how long someone needs to reach their targets (one key tip I can give is to make sure and leave yourself plenty of time, as more, is better than not enough). I get many people booking in 1 year in advance these days due to my waiting list, so that they are guaranteed a placement. Another reason why I started my Online Transformations. Waiting lists are minimised dramatically, with people getting their tailored Transformation within days/weeks (and at a fraction of the cost).

  1. Are there any particular moments from your personal training career that stand out and why?

To be honest there are so many great moments in my career it’s difficult to chose. So I suppose I think the best one was just to start it all to begin with, as all that I’ve experienced have stemmed from deciding to become a personal trainer in the first place. My idea was to create what I call a full personal training experience. A place where someone could focus on themselves, and take in everything I had to teach them without having to worry what others were thinking. A private facility where me and my clients could bond as friends, workout, and get the best out of each other, to make sure they could meet their goals with no distractions.

  1. What are the highlights of your job and what challenges do you face?

I have to say that I am lucky enough to do a job that comes with new challenges, and highlights every single day. These can range from strengthening someone up before surgery, or rehabilitation afterwards. To helping someone get their body fat down as their health is at risk. Or it could be helping someone to get off drugs/alcohol. Very often it’s to help people who are depressed, or just lost in general, as today’s society it is quite common unfortunately. Then there’s the smaller things like helping someone get over a bad day at the office, with a ball busting workout. Another day I could be watching someone reach a personal best, or doing something in the gym they thought never possible. To me every day is a challenge, and there is something new to be learnt with each one that passes. My motto is very profound, but simple. To get the best out of anyone, and to meet their goals two things must occur ‘it’s all about communication & observation’…know the person, be attentive, and the results will come.

  1. Your online transformations are achieving some amazing results, why did you start this, and how did it come about?

You said to mention any relevant points: YOUR ONLINE TRANSFORMATIONS ARE ACHIEVING SOME AMAZING RESULTS, WHY DID YOU START THIS, AND HOW DID IT COME ABOUT (if you are going to include this, feel free to ask the question how you would….but I’ve the answer to it here anyway, and can tweak it if you like to suit!💪🔝✌️😆). I started my Online Transformations as a result of my waiting list. I found myself with so many people wanting to train with me, but not enough time in the day to train them all. So I started creating tailored eating/exercising programs that people could follow on my waiting list. The idea being that they could start eating good, and training until they started with me. But what started happening was that people ended up not even needing to come to me as they were achieving amazing things on the structures I was providing them. So from there it was a no brainer, and my online transformation program was born. And now my Online Transformations have evolved into something that can fit around anyone’s lifestyle, with very little time needed in the gym (and if so required can all be done at home). A plan that’s manageable, sustainable for the duration, and convenient around modern day living, and this is why it’s so successful.

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