1. What tips would you give to someone who would like to get into shape in the new year but doesn’t know where to start?

Ok I suppose this is depending on your fitness expertise levels, but the main thing is to get moving, and get yourself into that all talked about ‘CALORIE DEFICIT’. Basically for beginners doing any kind of exercise/movement, and introducing a calorie reduction into your life will start that process of burning off the festive season madness, and get you feeling a lot better about yourself. But if you really want to make big changes, you’ll want to be adding in some weight training, and more of a science in terms of what you eat if you want to obtain that nice toned, strong, athletic look to your physique. And if you don’t know how to do it, or where to start, go to a professional…or for even better results get yourself one of my T-KID Body Guides to make sure you are on the right track!

2. What do you think is the biggest reason that people fail at getting into shape?

Well there are many parameters as to why people fail in terms of reaching their goals. Main reason though has to be that people are always trying out ‘quick unsustainable fixes’ that aren’t realistic or achievable. You really need to be approaching the whole process of getting in shape with the mindset of having a healthy lifestyle for the long term in mind. You want to be using sustainable, maintainable methods to reach your goals. So that you can get great results, and keep at it once you do. So I say change your mindset towards your goals, think positively, and success will come. Think ‘healthy’ more than how can I do this quickly, where you’re instantly putting pressure on yourself. Eat good, workout, and enjoy it, the results will come.

3.  What exciting plans do you have for 2020?

Wow I am buzzing about 2020 it is going to be my best year yet, especially in terms of my brand as I’ve got so much on. The Transformation KID website has had a full overhaul, running far more efficiently than ever allowing me to get far more people in shape than ever before. With the newly launched T-KID BODY GUIDE having arrived also 2020 will see so many more people getting great results, and living healthier lifestyles. Obviously more to come in terms of Ulster Tatlers Health & Fitness Writer, which I love to write for. So all in all a great year to come!

4. Aside from fitness and diet tips, what other advice would you give people who are looking to better themselves this year?

Great question as it’s not all about getting your body strong & eating clean (even though this is the best way to start). One thing many people neglect these days is the importance of integrating good productive structure. It’s easy to fall into a rut, with loads of clutter in your life, and picking up bad habits. We’re all a product of our surroundings, before long you don’t even realise how messy your life has got. So I say 2020 take a step back try and reevaluate your status, to see where you could make changes in your life that could make things a little easier. There’s always things we can change to help us be more economical, or productive. You’ll find adopting this attitude will soon become very advantageous, then one day you’ll wake up and won’t even recognise the old you.

5. What new years resolutions do you have?

Same as every year for me, try to be a better version of myself. Learn more, become better at my game, get more people healthy, set new goals & knock em out of the park! Each year is another opportunity to hit that reset button right, and improve on anything you maybe weren’t 100% happy with the previous year. So when the new year starts I like to do everything better, bigger, and with a little more panache…we only get so many of these New Years, so I say make the most of them right KIDS!

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