Ok it’s being shoved in everyone’s face this time of year, the almighty FAD DIET, with miraculous claims of extreme fat loss at super short time periods. But at what price to our health is this costing us, will we be able to stick to them, and what are the long term affects?

Companies, Supermarkets,

magazines, TV to name but a few are honing I’m on the fact that a big percentage of us have over done it over Christmas & the New Year, we’re feeling guilty, and we all want to change right now, with doing as little as possible. When the reality is that there are no magic pills.

For the most part all FAD DIETS do is promise is quick results with little to no effort. But what they don’t do is tell us how they aren’t sustainable, or a lot of the time even healthy. They concentrate on the usage of big words, fancy exaggerated claims all aimed at one thing…taking your money. And usually without any regard to the long term affects the ‘diet’ they provide you with might have. A lot of the time they are way too restrictive in terms of calories, and nutritionally very low in what the body needs to support itself especially when it’s in a calorie deficit. Leading to malnutrition, tiredness, disruptive sleep patterns, and lowered mood.

So what should you be looking to do is the question on everyone’s lips. It really is simple, not over complicated, and healthy. You change your mindset towards that of a healthier you. You start by introducing a calorie deficit, but a healthy one. So by this I mean good wholesome nutritious foods. Don’t forget that when you put your body into the calorie deficit (less calories than it needs to sustain itself, thus using its body fat stores as a energy source), you are in actual fact weakening whilst doing so. This means you want to fuel it with the healthiest foods that are high in nutritional value, to keep it as energetic, and strong as possible. Then you’ll have plenty of energy for exercising, which you don’t need to do too much of either as remember you are on a calorie deficit. It doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. Just start moving, any movement gets the internal organs working more efficiently, and starts the body to go into fat loss. But one key tip here is to implement some small amount of weight training to make sure that you’re keeping the muscles stimulated, and to help maintain a nice toned physique when shedding off the fat.

This is what I promote to my clients, or just anybody who is interested in a sustainable method towards losing a few pounds in a healthy manner. Like I say there no fancy tablet or magic juice that will fast track your goals, that is maintainable in the long term. Just think healthier, make smarter choices in terms of why you put in your mouth, and get moving. Be patient, stay positive, be consistent, and before you know it you will be exactly where you want to be, and your body will thank you for doing it the right way.

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