1. How would you describe your style?

If I had to describe it in a few choice words I would say eclectic, cool, up to date, and timeless. I like to wear things that are forever fashionable, but at the same time still make an impact as I do like to stand out. I love simple & clean cut, but I also love clothes that are a little quirkier than the norm (things that you can find in TK MAX if you have time to home around). I usually wear whatever reflects my mood on any given day. My style could be slick, dark, with lot’s of black. Or it could be the complete opposite and i could stand out like a peacock, a very fashionable one of course.

2. What are your wardrobe staples that you can’t live without?

Easy this one, black skinny jeans, a nice plain easy flowing Tee, then finish it off with some converse/vans, and if it suits the weather I’ll pop in some sort of Leather Jacket from All Saints. Or i’d stick on a super skinny blazer, with a nice shirt (either simple or with a cool print depending on the event) and again skinny jeans, which could all be from ASOS (it’s hard to beat, and has everything you need under need under one roof). Then whatever I decide to wear, I would usually funk things up with some Gucci trainers, a chain, or even a necklace/ring combo. I think it can make a whole outfit pop adding a designer piece, kinda like sticking a cherry on top of the cake to make it look extra tasty.

3. Do you have any style icons?

I have plenty of style icons that do help influence my own style. I use a culmination of different peoples styles to help create my own. People like Johnny Depp, G-Eazy, Shia Labeof, and Keanu Reeves. All these guys cover cool genres with their individualistic dress sense…rock, grunge, sophisticated, cool, contemporary, and classy. All things i like to associate with my own looks. But designers like Gucci, Givenchy, Versace, and All Saints, all have a great impact on helping me create how I would style myself.

4. How does your work wardrobe differ from your social wardrobe?

A great deal indeed as my workplace is the gym, but saying that my gym wear isn’t your typical gym attire. I usually rock a kinda streetwear style, mixing vans or converse with casual jogger bottoms. Then i’ll add some sort of cool top that’s either plain, or sticking right out with a massive slogan like ‘SEX, GYM & PROTEIN SHAKES’. When i’m out and about depending on the occasion i could dawn a cool blazer, skinny black jeans, and some Giuseppe Zanotti sneaks to finish it off.

5. How has your style changed over the years?

If anything i think it’s got more outlandish in a lot of cases, but i do love to dawn a nice 3 piece suit and go all Peaky Blinders with a nice cap. Also i think my style has been more influenced by my ever-growing passion for fashion. Nowadays i’m far more into my fashion than i was when i was a teenager. These days I do modelling, attend fashion shows, and other events, things i’d never dream if doing at a time. So i’m always trying to dress to make an impact, get noticed, and suit my personality…which is confident, happy go lucky, and a little brash.

6. What are your fashion pet peeves?

Wow personally you know the top one has gotta be people tryin’ to rock them sliders with socks on. Also not a big fan of gym trainers with jeans, or speaking of jean style shorts on men, NO. Mainly though I’m happy enough to see people wearing whatever they want, and trying to be a little more diverse, instead of walking about like ‘attack of the clone’s’…’s nice to see people these days being a little more expressive. The world of social media, and A-Listaaas has definitely played a role in helping people to come out of their shell in terms of what to wear in modern day society. So I would never really judge, and more applaud people to break the mould.

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