Throw away the bad thoughts, the bad vibes, and the bad decisions. Then try introducing some good thoughts, positive vibes, and some better decisions. Sounds like it’s one of them things where it’s ‘easier said than done’ right…fact of the matter is, it’s contrary to the belief, and in actual fact a lot easier to implement this strategy/more beneficial than you think.

The whole process doesn’t have to be daunting, just break it down into baby steps. First off though you do have to want to get out of that rut you’re in. Begin by replacing one or two small bad habits a day with one or two good ones, then maybe utilise more of your time towards things that are a little more constructive/productive (choosing things that will utilise your time in a more beneficial manner). Say for example instead of sitting to watch TV for two hours tonight, cut that down by ten minutes to maybe read a book.

Other tiny tweaks you can implement into your daily routine can be just as small but have a greater impact than you can imagine, like going to bed a little earlier, then getting up earlier. A lot of you guys might not know this but we are hard wired to perform better when we go to sleep at an earlier time, as this is when our body naturally releases chemicals via the hypothalamus that help us get deeper sleep (hence aiding towards things like body cell rejuvenation, fat loss, mood stabilisation and much more to name but a few). This type of change especially can then stem off into all areas of your life. Leading to more productivity at work, clearer thought processing, and better overall energy levels for anything you do.

So certain things you can easily change in your life can add up to a far more productive life before you know it, as small as they might initially seem. So my advise is quite simple, start making them changes today to see a more a far more beneficial tomorrow. And before you know it you’ll be living a future so bright, and so far from how you used to be that you won’t want to turn back.

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