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    I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them, and neither would the rest of you gents. They are our Mothers, or partners, our friends, our confidants, the binding gel that keeps the world together. They are inspirational, resilient, beautiful, and much much more.

    Woman are super inspiring, and have a massive, positive impact on this world. It’s amazing to see that in this day and age that woman are getting all the credit they deserve…..

  • ❤️I LOVE MY JOB❤️

    Wow I’m always mega excited to get positive messages through, like this one from the beautiful Donna…please read it, and follow her journey as she documents the whole experience of her Transformation journey. The foods she’s eating, workouts she’s doing, and how she feels along…


    People like Wesley are one of the many reasons I love my job so much. Just read this little testimonial by the man himself….a little inspiration for anyone out there that thinks they can’t make a difference, that there’s no point in starting to make changes now. You might think you are restricted by your age, your injuries, or your mindset….

  • Success comes with the territory of being a positive person

    Success comes with the territory of being a positive person. I only ever have thoughts of success. If I have an idea, or a plan, I will always visualise myself doing it to the best of my ability, then winning….


    Ok so based on statistics of 2019 this is that day of the year that most of us are going to fall off the healthy bandwagon, and slam down hard back into the depravity of just giving it all up. This I fear does not please …..


    Imbalances can occur without creating symmetry within your training regime. You need to always keep in mind that you are training your body to keep it in balance. Creating balance will help to prevent back issues, aid towards better posture alignment, and make sure that you live a longer stronger quality of life for your body in the future. It’s not just about living long, it’s also about living strong.


    Most people have a goal in life, but when it comes to implementing a strategy to MAKE IT HAPPEN most of us fail but why?? Whether your goal is to become the best at your chosen profession, make more….


    I’m always at my best when I’ve my mind stimulated. When I’m learning, I find that everything I do is boosted. Not just the subject of study, but every aspect of my mental capacity is improved. It’s like in the gym, we train our muscles, and we make our body stronger. We then find something as simple as going for a walk, mowing the lawn, or rolling out the bins so much simpler, just because we stimulated the muscles. Well it’s the same…..


    I’m always working towards the next big thing. Whether it’s the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science, the newest methods in human body development, or the psychology of the mind & the manipulation of our behaviour/habits to help us achieve our goals in life…..


    Don’t hate, don’t be jealous of those who inspire….create happiness, create greatness, create positivity. It can be a world full of haters (I mean this liberally of course), it’s easy to get caught up in it all, to become stressed out and ugly inside…