People like Wesley are one of the many reasons I love my job so much. Just read this little testimonial by the man himself….a little inspiration for anyone out there that thinks they can’t make a difference, that there’s no point in starting to make changes now. You might think you are restricted by your age, your injuries, or your mindset….but where there’s a will, there’s most surely a way, and Wesley is a perfect example of that.




About 25 years ago as a result of playing rugby I ended up with 3 prolapsed discs and arthritis of the spine. After long (6 months +) treatment and recovery period, discs were sorted. I was warned then that if I was not careful they would prolapse again. The arthritis couldn’t be cured only managed. As a result I’ve spent the last portion of my life being very protective of my back and basically afraid to do anything that might damage it again. Through time I then became more sedentary, weight piled on (bad eating habits) and muscles started wasting away. Finally in August this year when the scales showed 20 stone something had to be done.

Luckily around that time my daughter was training with the   Transformation Kid. I wondered if a professional like him could do anything with me. I was wary of undergoing any form of exercise myself in case I would damage the back again.

A first appointment was made and I went along not feeling very hopeful. What a shock!  Not only has he treated people like me before but through regulated diet and careful monitored training he could get me back in good shape.

So started the weekly training sessions. First one I think I lasted about 20 minutes!! Bad diet and eating habits meant my body wasn’t getting proper fuel so I burnt out very quickly.

Gradually over the next weeks and months everything changed. I’ve lost over 2 stone so far and started building muscle again. I can stand straight, I can walk for an hour without being out of breath, I can finally do all the things I should be able to (almost).

I could not have done any of this without Terrell’s enthusiastic drive and encouragement to succeed. He’s a true master of his art  and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. So if anyone who has similar issues is shying away from exercise – don’t! Give the Transformation Kid a call.


💪Wow what can I say….first of all thanks for all the lovely words toward me, near had a tear in my eye reading this. Thanks for sharing your experience to others, as I am confident, this will, make a difference to many reading…..so just to add to the whole thing, Wesley is down over 3 stone of body fat, and has built himself plenty of new muscle to make him strong and more capable at day to day tasks for now, and in the future…..so I guess the moral of this beautiful story is….if he can change his life by eating healthy, and exercising, then so can you guys….I applaud thee Mr Wesley Snipes you awesome man!!💪💪💪💪💪🕺


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